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Government buy-back 4,000 sets of low-rent housing with 200 units completed
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December 14, Taiyuan affordable housing in the press conference, Deputy Secretary of Taiyuan City real estate, the press release to the media spokesman Kang Jianbin, Taiyuan, low-rent housing Shiwupeizu now entered a substantive stage, the government first 4,000 sets of the buy-back more than 200 low-rent housing units completed, with occupancy conditions, the upcoming Shiwupeizu. At present, Taiyuan existing low-rent housing distribution and protection system has 3 main modes, namely: rental subsidies, rent deduction and Shiwupeizu mode. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Taiyuan, rental subsidies and rent deduction to two models of governance. Rental subsidies to private property room mainly for rental housing for low-income families without giving subsidies within the limits prescribed; rent deduction is for the enjoyment of Zhiguangongfang no room for low-income families, may decrease the rent. Taiyuan enjoy the protection of low-rent housing targets, the average i ncome of less than 2 million / year; indoor per capita housing area of less than 10 square meters. Shiwupeizu is currently the active promotion of low-cost housing allocation and protection mode. Shiwupeizu by the Government through the way of real estate development project with construction to raise housing.牞 which projects required by the fitness room built with 10% of the low-rent housing; project requirements shantytowns built with 5% of the low-rent housing. Measured in the strict vetting, the Government approved the price under the repurchase of these houses, the distribution system in accordance with scientific objects assigned to protect, and charge a reasonable rent. Kang Jianbin said, to the end of November 2010, Taiyuan government buy-back contracts have been signed more than 4,000 low-rent housing units, 200 units low-cost housing has been completed, with the admission criteria. The 200 low-rent housing units were completed in four poplar trees, too shantytowns, polyester plant in shantytowns, three construction projects. For the first allocation of Taiyuan Shiwupeizu current program is under development. In addition, under the Government of Taiyuan City, the provincial government signed the 2010 construction of affordable housing objectives and requirements, as at the end of November, Taiyuan income housing projects to start the new 1,658,000 square meters, 18,467 units, completed an investment of 2.572 billion yuan, respectively, this year 125% of the total task, 123% and 211%. Among them, the economy started 754,600 square meters of housing, 8378 units; shantytowns, started 867 thousand square meters, 9,496 units; low-rent housing projects under 36,400 square meters, 593 sets. Kang Jianbin said Taiyuan "second five" housing support plan being prepared. The next 5 years, Taiyuan City will continue to increase construction of affordable housing efforts, Shiwupeizu low-rent housing in 2011 and 2012 focused on the supply to the community in order to achieve best to help housing security and housing objects, live and work.