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Apply for low-rent housing conditions Bazhong
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Families apply for low-rent housing should have the appropriate conditions: a family (including single people) members at least 1 person with the city urban non-agricultural permanent residence more than 3 years, other members of the accounts to be moved over 1 year; apply for family members between the statutory maintenance or help with (ask) with the actual living relations and support; family income is lower than the city or county, the minimum living standard for urban residents, and to enjoy the minimum living allowance for a continuous more than 1 year; apply for family housing per capita building area of less than 10 square meters. Meet the above conditions provided the solitary, orphans and disabled, orphaned and sick, disabled revolutionary soldier, martyred or disabled can apply for special hardship families Shiwupeizu. Journalists in the planning and construction bureau Bazhong learned Bazhou District has developed a "low-rent housing Shiwupeizu management approach", according to the regulations, the family meets the following conditions may apply for low-cost housing: a minimum income of urban life to enjoy a continuous security benefits over 5 years (including 5 years); with 2 or more family members (including 2), the parties have the Bavarian city apply for non-agricultural permanent residence in the city 8 years (including 8 years) or more; free housing or housing construction area per capita standard does not meet the 10 square meters. Pingchang meet the following conditions of the family, to the account of the location of the end of community committees can apply for low-cost housing: 2 family members (including 2) or more, with Pyeongchang urban non-agricultural permanent residence in the city more than 2 years of continuous enjoyment minimum income benefits of urban living more than 1 year, are enjoying low-cost rental housing subsidies, per capita annual family income of less than 2,500 yuan, not housing. Tongjiang County cities with the urban non-agricultural permanent residence more than 3 years, enjoying the urban minimum living allowance for non-income housing families can be residing in the neighborhood recently to submit the relevant materials, apply for admission to the first batch of low-rent housing. Nanjiang low-cost housing application period in May each year, housing for needy families residing in the community can be to the neighborhood consultation, eligible to apply.