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The room when the school district to buy into the public account is difficult t
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Second-hand housing transactions and intermediary transactions often lead to war of words three of which house the school district's account is the most difficult to solve the problem of "hot potato." Recently, Mrs Yam who lives in Wu area is a bit angry, she bought her daughter a school district reading room, the results of the landlord to move out the delay in the accounts, but damages penalty trouble, instead, the issue has been settled Ms. drag was not resolved. Bought a house down but can not account "Finally called the school district bought the house, or can not enter the elite! Really depressed." The original, he was soon promoted to junior high school daughter of Ms., the first half of last year, Miss Ren bought a second-hand housing Tianchen garden, hoping to enroll her daughter set up schools. "We are Suzhou account, thinking about the accounts before the semester begins to move right, that IS good, get now and can not be transferred." Mrs Yam told reporters that the seller has refused to move out of the account, then if the contract states when the do not move out of account, the buyer will pay liquidated damages, and other parties in the mediation of an intermediary, the seller and paid at the end of May this year, liquidated damages, account of the problem but nothing. Coincidentally, the Korean aunt who lives in Three Village, recently worried frown. "If you want to give schools time to find a grandson, and now new home or someone else's name confused, really eat Yaba Kui." Late last year, South Korea aunt's son orange country bought a set of second-hand housing the garden to facilitate secondary school children in Caoqiao. After signing the contract, Han aunt paid back the principal, the two sides immediately submitted for the property transfer procedures and formalities. But when Aunt Korea after the arrival of a family of three sons, the police station where an application to migrate accounts, they find that they purchased the house did not move out of the seller's account. Han Aunt contact with the seller, they found the other phone has been shut down. Korean aunt has a contact with the intermediary, the intermediary who said that in addition to houses, leaving the mobile phone number, but also there is no other way to contact. Account to buy the school district can look to move house This reporter has learned, such as Aunt Mrs Yam and South Korea due to purchase of such school district and housing disputes caused by the account a few. I love my family the staff of real estate agents, said the school district is now the hot room, and many prestigious school district is always sought-after second-hand housing, so the problem occurs is common account. Another chain of intermediate good industry Yin city, told reporters that there are many issues settled, the buyer must first clear the positioning of the school district house, not near the school is the school district house, and some residential buildings of different number of points are not the same school district, Mo Gaoqing many people this will cause disputes. This reporter learned that, in the event of account disputes, deal with it would be more complicated. Because the current household registration administration of public security departments are not part of the court by the scope of the case, courts usually will not be considered second-hand housing transactions only account for the subject matter of litigation the case of migration. The public security organs in dealing with account disputes, but also by the household registration policy in. For example, the seller of the house is the only housing, no other housing available to move into account, no matter how well the buyer reason, the public security organs can not be forced to move out the seller account. Accordingly, the buyer will not be able to move into account. Lawyer Jiangsu increase is Liu Wei believes that the current rules and the provisions of the law is not selling the account must move out, if the contract did not write clearly, then, the law can not support. In addition, because estate agents eager to facilitate transactions, often overlooked tips for home buyers, leading to such disputes continue to occur. Liu lawyer reminded the public that second-hand housing sales contracts entered into in the beginning, the issue should be careful to account consultations, agreed upon the appropriate payment and breach of contract, or when the buyer's rights dispute will be very difficult. In addition to liability for breach of contract, the industry believes that people buying second-hand housing, require the seller to produce the first account of this, or to the public security authorities for information. In the contract to move out of the room and other details should be specified in detail. Breach of the terms should be agreed at the same time, if necessary, buyer has the right to request accounts through legal means to move out, instead, to Ms. Li Qiaqia contract does not contain this.