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The life of 20 days that rent a house is very painful but these memory are very
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[Summary] My one's deceased father grind calendar is classical very. Check grinding day very sad, it is especially in rental room. Facing one side wall everyday. From one's deceased father grind begin me to discover, one's deceased father grind very weighty, take an examination of grinding person to often be gotten very fast, then I am about very the day gives him a good psychosis, without giving thought to person how, a bit make up everyday, it is a bit better to look at least.

1, the story of water

Plum say to heat crock water. Ah, did not think of the watering can that buys newly can leak, leakage leaks, not leakage of electricity goes.

Somebody knocks! Downstair granny. Very kind, tell us, the place that we stay in was not decorated, be in two board piece have sex place have seam, put down slack. We very feel embarrassed, assure particular attention. Laughing to send out the granny, also be absent again later board piece have sex place heat water, burn water to sweep the water that leakage comes to even in time every time, be afraid that it does not take care to flow to have sex place, or else sheds granny home carefully.

In the evening at 10 o'clock, I read a book in house, plum be in the kitchen washs a face. Very urgent knock sound, very noisy, not, it is to breaking the door!

So late, horrible, resemble be loot. I walk out of house, see plum look outside from cat eye. Looked a little while, plum face about says to me, “ dear, you look, I did not wear glasses, look not clear, look black posse. ” a gammer, mad same, be bungled to cry at the same time at the same time, “ opens the door, quickly, run again water, open the door quickly! ” some tone is not as wrong as Zhang Fei. I open the door, that old person became mad go to euqally in enter, I saw the ground, say to her, did not heat water! She became mad same, how don't have! Run again water, that pattern is whole one hideous. Of most night, her manner lets us also have a few fire. At this moment, plum ability thinks him to heating water, nevertheless, be absent of the kitchen board piece have sex place. She and old lady ran into house together, carry the watering can that had the ground to go up. We still take “ TV watchs on the bed, go to with respect to what see Da of water Da drop be gotten on! ”

Sent an old lady again, I two crouch in Ligana on the ground of house, look at the water mark on the ground. In Fang Yuan with respect to that bigger break, plum jug sits to be seamed in that unluckily on. The water on “ ground is not much also, how likely does leakage reach her home? ”“ is down seam leakage to go down, leave these! ”

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