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Intermediary carries paragraph abscond " the building is mandatory " landlord hi
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[Summary] After house-owner and intermediary sign a contract, give the building intermediary, be in charge of searching tenement by intermediary and to tenement collection chummage. House-owner does not interview face and autograph to make an appointment with continuously with tenement, get rent to intermediary however, this business also says " the building acts as agent " .

The room advocates the gentleman is rental oneself when two office building, with Yin Fengwei limited company of property estate broker signs “ house mandatory ” contract, by intermediary the representative is rented business, bilateral agreement takes chummage to intermediary company on time.

And on July 10, this company is informed to already was cancelled in May however when he will collect rent. Yesterday, mr Zhang and many 10 house-owner that encounter likewise and tenement will to substation of sunny public security report a case to the security authorities.

A shareholder of this company says, one large stockholder of this company cancels the company under the counter, cause company get into trouble.

Tenement already paid annual rent to intermediary

Yesterday, mr Zhang says, he this year on April 1 with be located in the Yin Fengwei that visits capital company of property estate broker signs “ house mandatory ” contract, be located in oneself the country the first city of United States and the two place housing that hope capital generation brings home are rented by this company representative, year hire mixes 33000 yuan for 29000 yuan respectively. Autograph contract that day, the company gives chummage of piece of a month, two rooms add up to more than yuan 5800, additional agreement of both sides of two months of chummage is expended as intermediary, had decided by quarterly collection chummage.

On July 10, mr Zhang and other house-owner receive the discovery when chummage to the company, company already close down. To two place building hind is informed, tenement already paid this medium a year of rent.

Mr Zhang says, when he seeks this company at the outset, with what be called Wu Xiangyang the clerk is contacted, the clerk that surnames with one Cao after signed a contract. He is recollected, this company in all 4 clerks. Phone a clerk, the clerk says the company already closed down at was being cancelled on May 29.

“ lets us give intermediary one year hire, money also was handed in, also live came in, how to do now? ” hires the tenement of Mr Zhang house to say.

Company shareholder says to already reported a case to the security authorities to police

Yesterday, the garden in the lake austral in sight Beijing 218 buildings 6 unit 101 rooms, lock of gate of this intermediary company, leave sign of a company only. This room house-owner says, this intermediary hires a room to handle official bussiness here before this, but already moved from.

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