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Luo Peng: Construction of public rental Nanchang the government needs "to forc
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It is understood that the package will be built in Nanchang of public rental housing, to small family-based, strict control of a single set of floor area of 60 square meter. Public rental housing lease contract a maximum of 3 years, when the contract expires the lessee shall vacate the housing needs renewal, and to 3 months before expiration of the contract apply, the application complies with the lease conditions, the renewal of the lease contract rent standards increase year by year. The news came out, causing Nanchang wide attention. Public rental rental market rent would be much cheaper than normal? Working with public rental housing owners will choose to be bitter slave it? Whether the extent of public rental solve the "sandwich class" group housing difficult problem? A hot issue as the focus of the public. Rent in public before the introduction of specific management rules yet, SouFun interview with City College of Jiangxi Normal Luo Peng. Reporter: Professor Luo, do you think the public how the rental market in Nanchang? We would like to the security room, fitness room, like on the public rental rush it? Luo Peng: When Premier Wen Jiabao's recent visit to face the problem of high domestic prices, frankly difficult to control, and that we can consider renting. In fact, in terms of housing security, our policy is "Home Ownership," that is to give people the habitat, rather than simply "Home Industry", so that the supply of affordable housing structure becomes much richer, either affordable housing, it can be low-rent housing or public rental housing, and even direct monetary subsidies. Reporter: Compared to ordinary rent, you think to improve their attractiveness to the public rental, in addition to lower rents, what measures? Luo Peng: I think in addition to the rent, the most important is to improve the facilities. And other affordable housing, the need for special attention to public rental housing construction of public facilities, such as public transport, farms, banks, commercial facilities, medical, school, etc., after all, this part of the economic spending power is limited, and relatively disposable time less (such as most of the people just to work, or work unit in general, these people work long hours, labor-intensive, low remuneration), it is necessary to improve the facilities by reducing the time and economic costs . Reporter: Nanchang public rental building, you have what kind of views and suggestions? Luo Peng: Nanchang 2,000 per year rent and public than ever before "zero breakthrough", but this set of data may not be able to meet practical needs. According to "Nanchang National Economic and Social Development Bulletin" Disclosure, 2009, Nanchang social growth of 5.21 million people employed in urban population of 9.9 million new jobs, and 2,000 sets of comparison, there is "adequate" in the conflict, it is satisfied that as above, the applicant need to be carefully considered, scientifically recognized. Of university graduates has also found some relatively good, as you can with the "diploma" or "dispatching card" to verify, but for non-administrative institutions, non-state collective unit of people, found the work becomes more complicated. Therefore, I suggest, in addition to university graduates, other personnel can be identified to pay social security certificate (also available in this way, regulate the work of the social security deposit.) Secondly, I suggest repurchase task decomposition. Nanchang goal is 2,000 per year, while 10 districts of Nanchang, it is suggested that the practice of avoiding the fitness room, do not focus on the construction of public rental housing in urban fringe, or in fact only part of the region who may benefit, but overall objective should be the task decomposition, promote the district government under the "sandwich class" distribution of regional employment market repurchase availability, change the traditional "social" to "mixed", which is very stable and harmonious society the role of . Now the name of some buildings on behalf of an identity, it is easy to feel the person will be divided into three rank or grade, will increase the "hatred of the rich psychological" and "Yuan Shi" the emergence of