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2008 Olympic Gameses year graduate leaves capital obtain employment to answer in
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Because hold the Olympic Games this year, job of graduate obtain employment will shift to an earlier date than in former years. According to the regulation of bureau of Beijing human affairs, city is belonged to enterprise or business the unit is by April be about to report quota of people leaving capital, closer than in advance of in former years two months. Teach according to Beijing appoint regulation, in former years is sent at the beginning of July send card, the middle ten days of a month extended this year in June.

These college graduate work besides what find an ideal outside, finding the house place with one safe and easy part also is coequal and important. They leave the school, enter working station, still buy a house without sufficient capacity, the —— that rent a house also became them to plunge into the first pace of next stabler basis in Beijing.

The time that according to Beijing Central Plains 3 class market studies to the ministry rents tide to appear to student of in former years undertakes investigating, be in commonly 5, June (graduate namely before leave school come two months) the student rents a quantity to begin to rise, mix with the graduate of large quantities of jobs leaving capital among them attend short-term groomed personnel is the main force that rent a house, if according to before convention, arrived 5, the renting market of Beijing can expand quickly June, and the concentration of demand erupts, hire also can be accelerated subsequently rise. And different this year before is, the Olympic Games also was about to hold August, the professional personage of department of research of 3 class market forecasts Beijing Central Plains, many ab extra Olympic Games hires room demand to also can be in 5, showed June, this will be increased 5, the supply and demand that rented a house June is contradictory, and bureau of Beijing human affairs and religion appoint allocate the undergraduate, sent the time with leave school to shift to an earlier date to arrive two months, this is stabilized to assure the society during the Olympic Games not only, bring at the same time affect on the other hand namely the time that the student applies for a job to rent a house with leave school also should shift to an earlier date, the college that because of this Beijing Central Plains 3 class market studies a professional personage proposal is vast is graduate, of intent of already affirmatory obtain employment is in Beijing or the graduate that plans to leave Beijing take an examination ofing to grind should see a room as early as possible, rent a house, the living place with him proper make choice of, and the jackknife that keeps away from to hire Fang Chao to go up in time with the Olympic Games as far as possible, go to the time that rent a house ahead of schedule the last ten-day of a month came in March in April.

Nonlocal graduate is about to become “ north to bleach ” gens, stay in Beijing for inmost dream this city works. Everyday, besides the heavy pressure that should face duty field, handle complex human relation even, in the life all everything should rely on oneself one shoulder is carried. And Home “ ” became them to establish course of study to make one's home the most crucial issue. Choose a good Home “ ” , situation is the issue that wants a consideration above all.
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