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Shake hind rents a house: How does can safe apace find favorite room
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Hold close friends in the palm to perhaps work in the same place ask: This is a kind of good idea, bilateral reliability is very high, get along commonly happy also, produce a problem to talk things over can friendlily for the most part solve. Defect is information content finite, fulfil often cost for a long time.

Look for intermediary: Intermediary company possesses much building information, but the intermediary expenses with should pay certain reachs charge seeing a room.

If you do not have knack to contact landlord directly, and if trusting not quite to average building intermediary company, suggest you go seeking advice from " of the sort of " building bank.

The property management department of the village: Through paying fee, ask property company to help the rental information that gets owner.

See a room what do I go looking?

Environment: The home is the place of a rehabilitate, suiting the life is the most crucial, the condition that inspects good periphery is very fundamental.

1. Traffic- - where is the traffic site with target the closest building, what does main main road have, arrive at the charge of the time of workplace and means of different liaison man;

2. The life serves establishment- - level of the amount of the establishment of life form a complete set such as public place of entertainment of the supermarket around, bank, meal, dimensions, price;

3. The village is integrated state- - main living crowd is formed, close state of security personnel state, the run time of high-level elevator, wholesome Bao Jie

Inspect landlord: See landlord whether have property right card, check the official seal that whether there is local real estate department on property right card;

See landlord id card, check Id to go up to whether have the number that prevent bogus;

Had better contact directly with person of building property right, do not want the person that with its he rents to come to an agreement;

Provide place, room to the room appoint meeting or the property right state that property branch knows a house.

Building itself: Whether to agree of building itself and description?

Door window structure whether firm?

Line of fluctuation water, circuit, phone whether unobstructed?

Electric home appliances

If everything makes a person satisfactory, be about to make a decision early. The client that sees a room catchs a batch one batch, a little hesitation can be lost gratified flexibly house. Pull landlord, sign a contract at once.

Standard contract downloads:

① party full name or name and abode;

Of ② building be located, area, decorate reach establishment state;

③ hires use;

④ leases time;

⑤ hire reachs pay kind;

⑥ building is reparative responsibility;

The agreement of ⑦ relet;

⑧ is changed and remove the condition of the contract;

⑨ responsibility of breach of contract;
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