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Twice rental room is cheated one after another landlord is careful and crafty th
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Explain above all, this thing is true, it is the house still is in intermediary hand only, make a room next year. Be afraid of intermediary to make the loss that destroys a surname to my house, my concealed went building intermediary. Hope everybody can know the course that I am cheated, learn a lesson.

The house is to be in inside 2 annulus of Beijing by the side of golden treasure street (1 hall of 2 rooms 70 smooth clothbound) .

Because bought another place house, the bottom began rental room in April, the plan raises a house with the room. Decorate oneself to design, spent probably 100 thousand, all the time those who want is, hire a dependable person, do not hire add up to tenement, had better be a 3 family door. Do not do a representative, do not give intermediary, operate completely by oneself.

On April 30, the clerk of ” of intermediary of “ some building (surname Cui) take female client (surname direct) see a room, take a fancy to, decide the autograph is made an appointment with. When the autograph is made an appointment with, what they put forward to see a room is anxious, did not carry an agreement. Should go intermediary goes signing. The autograph makes an appointment with a process in 1, female client (surname direct) put forward to want to hire house bill 2, put forward to want check to pay a room the money again. We cannot be operated, intermediary puts forward to be able to be operated for you, but want us to sign acting agreement. I do not agree, because acting agreement sets the building dealership that should give intermediary 13 months, intermediary gives house-owner the money of 12 months, a month is the rest avoid hire period. Intermediary explanation, because already had female client (surname direct) rent a house, did not avoid the problem of lease, can 12 months act as agent, did not avoid lease. Sign acting agreement then. Acting date 8 years on May 8 - 9 years on May 9.

“ tenement ” (surname direct) say oneself do not have the child, in east 4 run a public house, husband always is being installed in go to work. The person is looked at very frank. So, although intermediary does a representative, but hire “ tenement ” (surname direct) still also calculate sureness. The building rent that tenement pays a month at that time makes deposit.

On May 4, move end.

Went doing property to have sex on May 6 (mention expressly gas of water and electricity has a few words each) . The electric equipment in the home all did not mention expressly model, father says the someone leaves the employer of bar, still can covet your has used electric equipment. Did not insist to mention expressly model. Fill in after acting agreement directly property hands over sheet. Two agreements, my father brings back, intermediary takes away.

On May 20, I contact tenement, inform its go handling the issue of phone change the name of owner in a register. Its say its are away on official business, already expended one part water, charge of electricity gives intermediary. I begin to suspect, why female client (surname direct) contact medium, do not contact me. Those who open public house, even if go other place, also calculate handle affairs, also do not talk to go up be away on official business. Satisfy online search female client (surname direct) phone, discovering its also is “ clerk of ” of some building intermediary. The telephone call that seeks a colleague to hit its to stay on the net gets test and verify. Phone neighbour, neighbour says the house does not have person occupy all the time.
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