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Nanchang rents a house - two rooms one cabinet protects one office
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Nanchang - number of rental room source: 2189947 releases time: 2008-10-07 14:13:53
The price: 350 yuan
Bedroom: 2 bedrooms
Area: 70 smooth rice
Crucial option: The men and women is not restricted two rooms one cabinet protects one office, near the gas station that is located in 27 north road and mouth of across of in relief Ming Donglu, the first floor of 7 buildings, bottom has layer of built on stilts, contain the one about 30 adytum of smooth rice (cement floor) , north and south is connected fully, ventilated daylighting condition all first-rate, deserve to have water heater, TV, bed, dining table now, kitchen and toilet are new clothes to repair, the wall inside the room and floor all are brief outfit, and but neat and bright.
Him male, 24 years old, in the design the unit is engaged in designing the job, show those who seek to add up to the person that hire, the requirement has steady job and habits and customs is good, pay attention to sanitation, be not special situation to fall not to take a friend to meet pass the night. Intended person but incoming telegram. Blame sincere not faze.

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