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Regulation of secondary property market in Nanchang move pressure
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September 29, known as the "national ten" enhanced version of the real estate re-introduced the New Deal. As a more accurate property control policies, the new policy on local government responsibility, banking supervision and on the accreditation of home buyers have a more specific requirements and more stringent control.

Fully suspended three mortgage, down payment, increase the bottom line into three, more than one year can not provide proof of payment certificate or social security for its loans to stop people from various initiatives ... ... crazy property market means that head with a blow. Nanchang, the property market, "Kim nine silver ten" continues to this day though, it does not mean that will continue. Gradual realization of the impact of control policies, pull out a new round of wait and see mood.

Hot property market in Nanchang Day sold out thousands of suites source

Even if the high pressure in the second control policy, in October 1 to 7 of the National Day Golden Week in property sales results are still impressive Nanchang: Nanchang 1048 sets new housing transactions, housing 968 units. We Nanchang official statistics released by the Housing Authority to see, from September 30 to October 13 Nanchang, new housing turnover has shown a steady upward trend.

During the National Day, Nanchang total of ten new houses a number of properties for sale. That some real estate news from Nanchang, anything launched during the National Day of the real estate housing sales almost punched a beautiful battle. Century, the central city of the highest sales volume sold 203 residential units for seven days; East Heidelberg October 6 opening, the introduction of more than 100 residential units, 90% were sold the same day; availability of the ZTE launched during the National Day and the park, Zhitong Yue Lan Shan opening day are sold in most of the houses. Nanchang property market presents a "golden nine silver ten" most normal to strong sales in the picture.

According to expert analysis, policy implications will be lag, eleven hot during the decline of the case does not prove that the New Deal, the impact will be reflected in the later phase.

New Deal is getting stronger as the Lake Area of the largest pressure

"Nanchang crazy the first two months of the property market to the extreme, and now out of the control policy, and I wait and see right and wrong must be made." 26-year-old Chen Chao public by the end of September the lake just as optimistic about his girlfriend at a suite. Not sufficient, he had on hand, watched the first suite down from 20% to 30%, never take no extra tens of thousands of dollars, he reluctantly said "Well, wait and see! Not know can not drop points. "

Lake Area as the new push by the end of September, a real estate listings, real estate sales in the official told reporters, "The new five," the introduction makes their sales plummeted. Lake Area as the major buyers like the power just to be home buyers into the waiting to see again.

Industry observed that the control policy for supporting the more mature areas such as Castle Lake, Honggutan relatively small area, and makes relatively fragile Jingdong such as lakes and large sections are involved. East Heidelberg Project Manager Wang Jun told reporters: "We Honggutan and urban areas, like the majority of real estate to improve the housing needs of the household-based, strong purchasing power, less sensitive to the control policy. And as for the first time as the Lake section more home buyers, will be relatively large effect on them. "

This reporter has learned, is affected by the New Deal also introduced the type area on it. Central City Marketing Director Liu Peipei century introduction, because the real estate has launched the following units of 90 square meters to 30-50 meters mainly of small units, even one as down payment increases the amount of small, consumers can afford. The introduction of a number of units of about 80 square meters of real estate will have to withstand greater pressure.

Cool the property market is facing more than real estate to defer the opening time

In the "9.29" just after the introduction of the second control more than 10 days, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, unveiled a "restriction order." 12, Nanjing has also introduced the relevant rules, to cancel the purchase subsidies, the purchase of the third set of temporary housing, within three months after the declared value allowed prices to cool the property market. The major cities are in the brewing market regulation promulgated relevant rules. The Construction Department had announced the news in our province, the province's control rules are worked out.

Although the regulation before the times and seems to have become "air-conditioning." But experts believe that this is state control of prices, stabilize financial markets to explore. Including the construction of public rental, the introduction of property taxes, housing prices, including the superimposition of a number of policy will appear in the near future.

Insiders said the policy changes to prevent a result of poor sales, Nanchang has been delayed a number of properties opening time, and observed changes. Logistics Center Co., Ltd. Nanchang Kim Yun Li Nian, vice president predicted the property market will cool down within six months of Nanchang, the price will be a downward trend.

"Once people's expectations change, the property market will cool down." Li Nian said control policy is difficult to play an effect. Once control policies accepted by people, and its role will gradually be reflected. "Within six months there will be a change in house prices in Nanchang, but not a spike, not as sudden as in 2007 decreased by 20%." In his view, Nanchang downward trend in prices will occur, step by step into the property market healthy development track.