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Nanchang, 3362, 2010 plans to build low-rent housing units
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Yesterday, reporter learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the 2010 low-rent housing projects the city has passed the first municipal project. Project area of approximately 335.576 acres of land, with a total construction area of about 169,500 square meters, a total of 3390 units (of which, the 2010 objectives and tasks for the 3362 sets), with a total investment of 2.6 billion, financed by the national, provincial and municipal matching grants to solve .

From the city (Zone, New District) a summary of low-rent housing construction project situation, the copy number and scale of the proposed building more than 80% located in West Lake District, Qingyunpu area, Castle Peak Lakes region. Among them, the Lake District, low-rent housing units built 1320, located in the Chaoyang Park site east of Peach Road, south of the cloud abode, Chang Fu Road, north of the southern location, the land area of about 121 acres (in 2010 approximately 66 low-cost housing land acres of remaining land for future low-cost housing construction); 792 sets Qingyunpu settled areas, land area of about 89 acres (in 2010 about 40 acres of land for low-cost housing, land remaining for future low-cost housing construction), the location selected South City's high-tech site in Xinchang Road, west of Market Road south of the position; Castle Lakes will build 672 low-rent housing units, location is located in the east of Chang East Road, Luo Road south of the land area of about 65 acres.

In addition, 240 sets of low-cost housing will be built in Zone Yu-chieh Road, north of the Songhai MATERIA Road, west of 2009 east of low-rent housing, but also building the south; 150 sets of low-cost housing will be built on Honggutan New Red Delta within the three plots Cloud River Garden. 100 sets of copy number of low-rent housing in urban areas are the following: 84 sets of the original heroes Zone, built in four east of the hero, heroes Avenue to the south, west of the hero Rd, north of South Hero; Wanli District 48 sets, in Mopanshan Road to the south east of the railway; through the open area of 48 units, built in the Begonia Road east; 36 sets of high-tech zone, will be built east of Cheong Tung Road, Royle land south of the yacht.