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Nanchang, the rental market "up" from the urban sound broad based, monthly rent
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"If it was in March, 1,000 Sanshiyiting can rent a house, and now also the cheapest here, 1,200 yuan, nearly three-bedroom to 1,700 square hardcover ~ 1,800 yuan." Tile sub-Kok Cheong Real Estate Agents Easy Group, said property consultant company. With the demolition of a number of lots, Nanchang rental market prices soared, rents in prime locations in urban areas generally rose from 100 to 200.

July rent rose significantly after the Nanchang

Recently, Chen has been looking for an apartment rental, braving the hot sun burning on the road contemplating the price for their own rent. "This period rented house every day, are concerned about information that can be more clearly not looking out." Jin-ran no fewer than 20 intermediary companies, but also looked at several houses, but nearly thousand dollars a month rent so that it daunting . "Just a single room, no separate toilet every three or four hundred, a lot better actually room to seventy-eight one hundred yuan." Chen Jin said.

Easy group also told reporters that he worked in the real estate agency, a bedroom should be seven or eight hundred dollars.

Learned reporter visited, and in March compared to July, after entering, Nanchang a marked rise in housing rents. Longevity Palace set to edge two-bedroom with a full range of home appliances, for example, members of the public rental Miss Lee in March, the monthly rent as long as 750 yuan a month later, rose to 850 yuan.

Supply and demand determine the rent Change

"Every year, summer is peak season for real estate agents, because college graduates on the rental market will stimulate the demand for seasonal housing rent increases." Most real estate agents consider that the increase in renters making the rental market had become saturated suddenly in short supply, As a result housing shortage.

Intermediaries engaged in housing has been 5 years Li Dengping that this year so many spots, Nanchang 老城区改造 facing demolition, but the state of the property market's regulatory policy has made the public market on the sidelines, which is facing many of the interviewed intermediaries problem.

Some people think that you are most motivated to bid up the rent groups, that the driving force behind the covert operations there, rental housing has been hoarding.

In this regard, the Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Economics Zhihui Ma decided to rent increases that the most fundamental reason is supply and demand in the secondary housing market, each of the tenants, you are scattered individuals, even if the intermediary of the largest very limited market share, price-fixing is unlikely.

"Ant" will be more

Reporter visited the course, also see the "ant" in order to achieve their ideals, struggling in the city's edge, do not expect to buy a house.

"Longevity Palace to be around five or six hundred dollars a room, plus utilities, property management fees, 700 yuan is necessary, even if shared with friends, but also very expensive." Graduated two years Wanglang After much deliberation, Village where eventually found in Changchun costs just 240 yuan a shabby one bedroom. "Although a little small, can be considered to have a home."

Wanglang from Guangdong to visit his girlfriend looked at this little room surrounded by walls, said: "Good suppress ah! Night there cockroaches, sometimes it is really good cry ... ..."

Li Dengping analysts say, for a monthly income of 1,000 yuan to 3,000 salaried employee, do not have enough savings in the former, are relying on rental to solve the housing problem.

"This is the group for some renters, the actual influence. Buy a house as a 'luxury', rental prices will continue to rise, the future number of Nanchang City, more and more ants." There is quite an expert on the phenomenon to worry.