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Like renting a house concussion of wonderful building city period buy a house mu
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Will tell to the Chinese, word of a derogatory sense is before “ cheap ” , it is wait with goods of wretch, cheap be linked together. Let cheap become a kind to have vogue, humorous, recreation truly, speak mental word, criterion with Zhou Xing gallop the connection that having countless ties. It is clear that can you say “ which be wretch? Because everybody is wretch now. ” this Zhou Xing gallop in " boast swims on the west " in saying actor's lines, can say the Bible that is cheap times. And “ person wretch loves ” these 4 words, it is the criterion that a lot of people admire.

Cultivate land of billow of farmer black sweat, have crop with respect to the hope; Worker work from dawn to night works, earn wage with respect to the hope; Character of cheap guest sacrifice makes base, longing for a basin full earthen bowl is full, can make a meteoric rise. Nevertheless, he is make a meteoric rise, come person of the world of look down at is collective before him make base.

Cheap guest is such extraordinary. Pass through TV, network and real world, they enrage in order to be not He Yong of professional, unusual plan for chip, evil do, stimulation and recreational masses, earn popular to acclaim, chase after hold in both hands and follow the lead of, even sometimes recreation.

Actually, in the masses that one aspect of the matter, the part of ” of cheap of the “ in human nature is performed through cheap guests get releasing, satisfied peep desire while the advantageous feeling that satisfied oneself again, to phenomenon of “ cheap ” bears flushly ability and latitude also rise increasingly. The taste that the masses wants perhaps admires others to make base namely. This, it is the reason that cheap guest runs amuck.

But, have a flock of special cheap settle or live in a strange places, not be person wretch love however, that buys the person that room “ makes cheap ” namely.

Ms. Liu always thinks her room is too little, a 3 buccal people, live in the house of 80 much square metre, appear a little crowded. Additional, came sometimes guest, the body does not turn at all in the home. This and do not say, what the colleague of the office lives is not the double entry building of 100 much square metre, it is luxurious garden foreign room, have a plenty of villa even. The colleague mentions in the office house, ms. Liu did not have a bottom to enrage. So, change buy a big house, became a form that cares mind.

By October 2007, near Ms. Liu house opened a floor newly dish, she is carried instantly on the husband on son, belt sees a room together. Looked a few times, she is right of a 180 much square metre door model terribly loves. Room big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, big balcony, small enter deep, have outdoor piece green shade, have paddle swim pool, and eye shot is opener. The plan of Ms. Liu is, the little room that stays in now sells, the fund that sell is OK head outside paying this cover big house, still can undertake decorating. Her idea got the self-identity of husband.
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