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Appear on the market annals of room look forward to gives furnace to show 07 lan
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Reporter investigation: Indebted rate exceeds assets of company of real estate of half the number 60%

End on April 22, the mainstream appears on the market of landed enterprise all already “ put annual report 2007 ” of a list of names posted up. The reporter is opposite A reach H 80 when already delivered annual report advocate barracks real estate appears on the market discovery of check of company forms for reporting statistics, financial lever, indebted rate is more than the asset of more than 40 companies 60% , the asset of 16 companies is indebted rate prep above 70% (partial industry forms for reporting statistics sees a table) .

According to the convention, one appears on the market the state of “ body ” of the company is healthy, flow meter of the profit watch in seeing this industry forms for reporting statistics, cash, balance sheet is the core index of check-up, graph of the cardiogram that afore-mentioned 3 thumb mark are like same individual, heart and vessels and rendering. And the reporter understands in interview, landed industry cannot press the judge with as usual so simple rule however. The pattern that “ land agent reverses indebted rate is to should be in short-term inside financing succeeds or be a sale change now. Senior analysis personage points out ” inside a course of study. If landed company is faced with a large number of land,he emphasizes structure of reserve, indebted deadline is unreasonable wait for a problem, subsequently financial cost will produce great and negative effect to outstanding achievement, and structure of debt time limit is unreasonable the test that still will make its are faced with financing ability, once have enough to meet need is out of order, consequence will be disastrous.

In gotten company sample book, asset is indebted the company with top rate is to be as high as 76.70% respectively (02777.HK of rich power real estate) , 76.83% (Su Ning is round-the-world 000718.SZ) , 76.94% (initiate buy course of study 02868.HK) .

Predicting city is filled with rate general shrink

The analyst of research organization of much home negotiable security tells a reporter, individual investor cannot sheet appears on the market with real estate the annals 2007 serves as the company to be chosen this year main basis, the reason was 2007 inflection point of the “ that be called by the research organization year ” , very difficult reappear is similar to after “ last year in that way the opportunity that the stock market and house price rise quickly at the same time, and the phenomenon that bedding face of many big land agent accumulates a land also won't emersion, it is thus clear that 2007 is the special period that landed company grows. So we think, the annals 2007 and before, later the annals that holds the post of He Yinian can not compare a gender. The senior personage of ” research organization introduces.
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