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Inflection point talks to consider house price again after king stone half an ye
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17 days, when ego of entrepreneur of refer of the institute austral mountain manages, wang Shi mentioned “ inflection point actively to talk ” again. He says, entrepreneur is self-communion self-discipline above all, go for example annual bottom the problem about inflection point, I just am saying a fact, I am not to do to forecast, but we can discover the person of the same trade does not look so, they think to should not arrive inflection point. If so if, on one hand common people cans not afford a house, do not be willing to depreciate on the other hand, this market is won't healthy. What is the inflection point that I understand “ ? Inflection point actually understandable into 3 meanings, one is from go up to drop greatly greatly. The 2nd inflection point is from the ox city reachs ursine city, from rise stopped to begin to drop stage by stage stage by stage. The 3rd is the rational regression of the price, the situation that rises like insanity can pass macroscopical adjusting control, apparent policy is effective, that is price reason regression. ” and Huang Tao of general manager of project of Central Plains house property is not agreed with by ” to “ inflection point, he expresses, house price rose some are too high 2007, the house price of and other places of Shenzhen, Guangzhou drops now is a kind of expression that returns to reason. Real inflection point should be after restoring rational regression, if just make inflection point from normal price fall again. And at present estate market is to be in adjust period.

Analyst of estate of wide hair negotiable securities spends lasting interest to think, reserve led money of Central Bank general go up again recently moved 0.5% , from the point of the constrictive monetary policy of the bank, constrictive strength is increasing estate credit, the biggest problem that at that time estate business faces is financing area compares insecurity.

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