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Brand-new and other places of Beijing of fashionable of " of fictitious office o
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A kind of brand-new office rents ” of mode “ fictitious office appeared on Chongqing recently, the young shopkeeper of poineering initial stage, need to spend a few hire only, can rent the office that covers air in high-grade office building not only, and the service such as the secretary that still can enjoy the person that rent to offer, logistics.

The reporter sees in the spot, come round to rent the in an endless stream of business affairs personage of the office. Come round to seek advice bear advisory Mr Dong says, he does building materials business, the company is being decorated, see on the website ” of “ fictitious office suits him very much, the house that signed 3 months then rents a contract. The lease with so short “ is in traditional office building do not do, still offer here recieve downstage, the service such as administrative secretary, can assist my invite applications for a job, very convenient. Mr ” Mr Dong says.

The personage inside course of study introduces, arrive from practice now, the autograph already had 13 into the company that be stationed in about, great majority is the business affairs personage of IT company.

The person that account rents a house saves 4000 yuan every months

Mr Dong introduces the person that rent a house, he rents ” of “ fictitious office every months but managing 4000 multivariate. If be near Long Hu, the scriptorium that rents 50 much square metre makes the office, every months of hire is hired since half an year 800 yuan, content canal expends 2.5 yuan / square metre, water and electricity expends 100 yuan / month, add main rooms house to decorate, hire the cost such as the person, do at public expense every months on average to be controlled in 6000 yuan, and into be stationed in ” of “ fictitious office every months hire needs 1100 yuan only / month.

The person that rent is added every year receive 40 thousand yuan

The personage inside course of study calculated pen Zhang, if this scriptorium that she buys rents by average office, lunar hire is controlled in 1200 yuan, and change one's costume or dress scriptorium into 6 independent offices through changing one's costume or dress, because be to have a house oneself, but leave out hire, investment 85 thousand hind by “ fictitious office ” rents, lunar income can achieve 6600 yuan, eliminate flows every months expenditure 2130 yuan, every months of many income 3270 yuan, annual much income 39240 yuan, year yield is in 45% the left and right sides.

Comment on ” of Qian Jing of fictitious office “ inviting

Public company of blame of “ our city and individual and industrial and commercial door have many 50, annual now new register individual small company tens of thousands of, it is potential client of ’ of ‘ fictitious office. Deng Ping of researcher of courtyard of division of ” Chongqing company says, ” of “ fictitious office resembles is a hatch implement, let young shopkeepers every months cost very few hire to be able to let company movement rise. In Shanghai and other places, place of ” of fictitious office of a “ has success of hatch of more than 10 enterprises every year.
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