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"Hire the life " what popularity sees city rent settle or live in a strange plac
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In recent years, in city popularity guest, sadly this kind of gives priority to in order to hire lifestyle since popularity, change “ content returns oneself ” once had ” for “ , “ hires guest ” to becoming an urbanism of new fashionable force infiltration.

Hire a guest to be in now is not a new expression any more, hire a book, rent a house common, but this kind turns into whole life the pattern that “ hires ” , had derived live brand-newly for a kind means. In the eye that rents a settle or live in a strange place now, they need not bear heavy economic responsibility again, need not resemble slave of Fang Nu, card, car slave be being pulled to stumble by money all one's life euqally surely, can enjoy fashionable life, what is there against it? The backside that hires life popularity however is people surely lay the change that keeps state of mind. With spell the traditional state of mind that accumulates half a lifetime to differ to cross wedding day hard to hit, contemporary “ rents settle or live in a strange places the pursuit that ” differs completely to get used to tide to having, namely the “ that themselves place weighs is new ” of new mankind state of mind. This kind of state of mind basically behaves for the following respects:

One, hire ” to pursue tide style with “ . In the modern society of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, change quickly of innovation of the high fast rhythm that people lives, science and technology, make of the person live environmental quickness changes. Today's fashionable is popular, will be washed out tomorrow, when when can saying “ is bought even, already was being passed ” . The person keeps chasing tide, be abandoned always however by tide place. I bought the clothes with this the most popular nowadays today, another round popular bomb will be raided tomorrow, I must be bought again again. This kind approximate the fashionable footstep at amazingly quick, how can you be Everyman follow go up? Too too the change with swift and violent quickness, make contemporary person lives to his the environment lost faith already completely, hire then very naturally makes a kind of very good way that meets popularity, I am not bought do not do not have a risk, anyway I will go again again tomorrow the style with new angle. This kind should pay very small price to be able to enter the means of fashionable and foremost edge only, who can reject we should like to ask again? “ hires life ” is “ hires fashionable ” actually.

2, hire ” to reveal the identity with “ . The society of content desire crosscurrent, the person's viewpoint of value is changing, this is peremptory the society that makes an identity. I am willing one day to change a mobile phone, each famous brand; I am willing to queue up to buy the English edition that just gave heat to breath out benefit baud in the middle of the night, show I can look so that know; I also am willing renown car passes downtown area, intended show off. Namely such, have these I can reveal the identity. Then, modern unbridled ground goes after luxury. Undoubted, “ hired ” to bring advantage to a lot of people, without the burden, be not trammelsed, be economical can have luxury temporarily again. We can see, hire the luxury in the life, dress of special famous brand, bag, watch is the most welcome. “ hired ” to bring infinite dawn to the person that does not have money to want to buy famous brand again really.
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