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80 hind the gens that rent a house is additional kind of life is more exquisite
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The more and more influential consumption main force on the market is potential nowadays go up namely the singleton that the century is born after 80 time female, the ” after abbreviation “80. The memory that person of on unlike of this batch of people one generation has too much and traditional culture and history are lost tired, at the same time growing Yu Wen changes bitter fleabane suddenly development, Internet and a new force suddenly rises of electronic business affairs when.

Europe type style, 80 hind the design inside the room is dominant with vogue, grace

80 hind: 80 hind it is the generation person that shows after plan comes on stage, family planning is arising constitutionally. Because do not have what the care between brotherly sister arises with potential competition, relatively before acting person more ego expands, ego is generation person of the center. When China just began to implement reforming and opening and family planning policy, the occurrence of this generation person let China have new domestic structure.

Colourful colour is them additional kind reflect

Present 80 hind yearning great city life, go after rich material and mental demand, then urban emerge in large numbers a batch of 80 gens renting a house after. They may bear without ability temporarily the pressure of expensive price room, but they also can decorate the little space that rent a house vivid and dramatic, show oneself bright individual character. The ” after “80 often has independent individual character, have an idea, love reveals individual instinctive quality. Anyhow, the standard that they select a product is based on “ good ” no longer or the rational acknowledge of this one tradition watchs “ bad ” , however more the perceptual affection manner that is based on “ to like ” or “ not to like ” .

Have taste of amorous feelings of the region that nod different

80 after renting a house often is cell little perhaps inner room, the space is not large, then they can be good at using limited space to make easy environment.

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Hire life ” what popularity sees city rent settle or live in a strange places is unripe keep state of mind

80 hind close hire room and condition color has nothing to do is tall hire those who fall is helpless choice
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